I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Jax has a new furever home.
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Congratulations to Jax!

Jax came into SPIN in June suffering from a terribly infected abscessed tooth. An owner surrender, Jax had already had two homes in his first two years, but despite all of this he was a happy, bouncy standard poodle who adored his people and loved to cuddle. Luckily we were able to get Jax into a veterinarian to get that tooth fixed and man o man Jax was raring to go. In July Maria, the owner of Dashing Hounds in Toronto generously donated a much needed groom to Jax and he was ever so handsome.

Now remember, when I said Jax was bouncy? He really could bounce a lot when he was excited and Jax found a lot of things to be excited about! A lot. Jax’ fosters were first time SPIN fosters Pearl and James. They really stepped up to the plate for Jax and with patience, love and laughter set about to help Jax navigate the human world successfully. The following post describing Jax’ big adventure in July still came as a surprise!:

Jax had a big adventure this weekend! He traveled across Toronto and went up to the cottage. Read all about it below:

Leg 1: TTC. Jax was super chill and ploped down on the floor of the LRT followed by the subway across town. He was such a ladies man because there were lots of girlies that complimented him and he sat nicely for all of them. He had so much fun, he didn't want to get off.

Leg 2: Zoomie break at Uncle Dave's. Jax loved having some off leash zoomies in a securely fenced backyard. Being a people dog, he ran a few laps and came right back to us. Don't worry, we are currently working on the "come" command. Jax loved uncle Dave because uncle Dave tried to teach him paw and gave him lots of treats.

Leg 3: cottage here we come! Jax was a champion at car rides. We strapped him  to a tether and he had a great view of the farmlands. Looking was tiring so he napped for the majority of the ride up.

Final stop: the cottage! Jax loved smelling the cottage and not to mention the BBQ (sorry, not for puppers). He was polite and sat nice for grandma and all the cousins. Everybody loved Jax and Jax was showing the love back by waiting patiently for pets and the occasional milk bone (ok Jax,  just for today - treat before dinner). He only jumped on cousin Mike because Mike had such an exciting voice and Jax wanted to give him a hug.

Bonus leg: return trip on the GO train. After the train car was empty for the first half of the trip, Jax thought we had the whole train to ourselves so he barked at another passenger (uhm excuse me, VIP- very important puppy). FoDad was quick on the 1-2-3 game and Jax relaxed after a couple of kibbles. All the passengers were so impressed that it was Jax's first time on public transit.

Jax has showed great improvement in being calm around strangers and he's starting to understand that if his four paws are on the ground, he gets all the attention and praise.

How great is that!!!

Well who wouldn’t want a dog like Jax and so it wasn’t too long after that that Martine and family adopted this silly young dog. Here is their first message:

"Jax is doing very well after a week with us. He goes for a walk 3 to 5 times a day. He loves running in the backyard. He doesn't barks at all when neighbors car doors open only when somebody knock on the door or doorbell rings. He loves looking outside. He actually said hello to 2 dogs today very excited. We have been practicing touching his paws and he does very well. He only jumps on me when we comes back from work. He is so excited to see me. Lol."

Well done Jax! May you continue napping at home, making nose art by the window (that's his TV) and frolicking in a yard.

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