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Dedicated to assisting pets by directly supporting legitimate and ethical pet rescue organizations.


Helping Homeless Pets (HHP) is a an umbrella organization for many animal rescue groups.  They work to assist their members with fundraising for medical care including providing them a Canada Helps page using the HHP charity number. They also provide access to legal services, insurance and large events. HHP works hard to raise public awareness and education. Relying on HHP to manage these "back-of-house" management services, SPIN can focus on what really matters - helping standard poodles in need find their forever homes.

And there is more. In order to join HHP, each of their members has completed an application process that includes interviews, personal reference checks of principal officers and veterinarian reference checks. All of us have agreed to abide by HHP Canine Code of Ethics.  The Codes provide a standard by which you can measure our rescue, and ensure that all HHP members are compassionate and ethical rescuers who have the best interests of the animals they rescue at the forefront.

To find out more about Helping Homeless Pets, please go to their website at

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