I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Bodhi has a new furever home.
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Susan Mason and her husband Joe had come to BlackDog to help John with the intake and give the dogs a bath. As she lifted the male into the tub Susan felt her heart break with love as he sought refuge under her arm. Joe too was instantly taken with the little fella. But what was this vertically challenged dog? A poodle mixed with a dachshund? Corgi? Who knows, but he was adorable.

However. At that time, SPIN was so full of dogs and running quickly out of resources. A decision had been made that we would no longer be able to help the mixes. Bernice and I were looking for another rescue. Susan came on the phone and pleaded his case and said that she and Joe would foster and love him. We can’t say no to Susan. I mean it’s impossible. She and Joe have been the biggest supporters of SPIN over the years. Fundraising. Helping out. Fostering. In fact, they were currently fostering Violet.

So into SPIN came the most vertically challenged standard poodle we have ever seen. Susan and Joe named him Bodhi

He lived the good life, until, one day, he was neutered. Oh the drama!!! Here is more from Susan:

“You may remember Bodhi came into SPIN from a puppy mill where he’d been for 5 years. Bodhi was quite shut down and with time and patience was slowly expanding into life. Enter the sx and worse, the “cone”. Bodhi was confused, intimidated and very uncomfortable with both the cone and his incision. It affected every aspect of his life including voiding, movement, eating and drinking. We tried multiple cone types including two of my neck braces.  Bodhi could not be left unattended when drinking as up till yesterday he wouldn’t drink water with the cone on. He required hand feeding as he couldn’t leave his incision alone even for the split second it took to go from coned to cone less. Food was essential as his meds must be taken with food to protect his gut. Walks, omg, poor guy who has already promoted himself to chief navigator determine length and direction of all walks, would stubbornly stop and turn his head away when I wanted to turn back after 2 houses. As Bodhi cannot be bribed, we had to wait for a short time for him to agree to turn back.

Good news, Bodhi is very accepting of his meds etc. and will take his reward afterwards. I believe he’s beginning to understand cooperative care. What didn’t change and actually may have increased is Bodhi’s desire to be with we humans as he obviously feels safer with us despite what has befallen him.”

Ah Bodhi. You definitely picked the right people to charm. It was love at first sight.

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