I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Calvin has a new furever home.
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The story of Calvin, SPIN’s Cutest Little Mini Poodle. In June, 2022, Calvin came back into SPIN. Calvin was adopted out to a wonderful man back in 2018. Oh they had a great life together. But sadly life has changed. But once a SPIN dog, always a SPIN dog and this little guy was welcomed back with open arms.

Pauline welcomed Calvin into her home and proceeded to bring joy back into his heart. Calvin had not responded well to the changes in his previous home. It had been so very stressful for him. It was in fact why they had to give him back into SPIN. Life really has a way of throwing curve balls doesn’t it?

So, while it is not recommended for a brand new foster pup to be groomed two days after being brought to his foster home, Calvin had been ill with vomiting and diarrhea; he really needed a bath. SPIN supporter, Marcia Strong of the BarkSide in Bowmanville, rearranged her schedule and gave him an emergency groom. When Calvin and his foster came home, Calvin was like a new little man, zooming around the backyard and playing fetch with his beloved ball. At one point foster Mom, Pauline could have sworn he said, “Thank you, Marcia. I feel sooo much better!”

Pauline had the best time together. We loved her posts on the SPIN’s social media as she trained us and Calvin on how to live and have fun with these super sensitive dogs. We all learned so much from Pauline on how to engage our dogs, how to enrich their lives with games and fun. It really was quite something. And while a number of people put their hands up to adopt this special dog, the fit was never quite right.

Calvin stayed with Pauline until May, 2023, when again changed life circumstances hit and we had to move Calvin to a new foster home. Karen and Joffre promised to continue Pauline’s enrichment routines. Play, sniff walks, and other activities.  They soon found that Calvin  LOVED to play outside, especially when you throw one of his many beloved balls. He LOVED zooming, spinning, chasing his tail, and playing with his toys. They found that Calvin loved so many things!  

And then, in August, Kaylyn and her family entered Calvin’s life and Calvin found his home. Calvin has a big fur sister, Sandy, to play with.  The two played chase in the backyard and Sandy is happy to share the toys with her new brother.   Calvin is in his furrever home and how absolutely wonderful is that?!

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