I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Chili has a new furever home.
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In May, 2023, SPIN was able to bring in two beautiful, red standard poodle eight month old puppies from a doodle breeding farm in Northern Ontario. A very looooong ground transport chain was arranged to bring them out of the breeding farm and into SPIN’s loving arms. We really cannot thank the people who willing spend their time, gas money and, sometimes, car detailing ….

Because the puppies were a delightful red, SPIN called the puppies the Spice girls and given the names Ginger and Chili.

Ten days later, the parents of Ginger and Chili were released and flown down with Pilots 4 Paws. We called them Ma and Pa Spice. Lol. We gave Ma and Pa Spice the names Tasha and Mav.

Chili and Tasha were eventually adopted by their foster families. Mav and Ginger were adopted just recently in November, 2023. But this is the story of Chili.

So Chili and Ginger had spent all of their lives together and they were quite close. We worried about separating them, but because they were so nervous of the world and feeding off of each other’s anxieties, we thought it best to send Chili to a foster home with two very stable, fun dogs that could show her the way.

When she got to her new home, it was obvious Chili wasn’t happy. She howled and it broke our hearts. But just when we thought we had to arrange a transport back to reunite with Ginger, didn’t Chili start to take notice of just how much fun her foster brothers were.

Very quickly Chili grew from a very nervous dog, unsure about the world, to one that loved to play, loved to go on walks, LOVED food and enjoyed the occasional snuggle. Wow. Wow. Wow. Soon her foster family reported that Chili had come a long way with her training and was now crate trained, leash trained and house trained (mostly).

Chili’s foster family fell in love with their little spice girl. They couldn’t imagine her living anywhere else. And while they really weren’t looking to add another dog to their family, their family just didn’t seem complete without her. We have to agree. Chili is one lucky puppy. Congratulations Chili girl.  

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