I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Chili has a new furever home.
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Are you looking for some extra spice in your life?? Then this is the moment you have all been waiting for....Chili is ready for adoption! 

Chili is a stunning red coloured standard poodle, 9 months old, 38lbs, deep amber eyes and a fun loving, goofy personality.
Since arriving in our house Chili has grown from a very nervous dog, unsure about the world, to one that loves to play, loves to go on walks, LOVES food and enjoys the occasional snuggle (on her terms). 


 Chili has come a long way with her training and is now crate trained, leash trained & house trained (mostly). She still struggles a bit with 'sit' but she is incredibly smart and will master this in no time.


 However, like any dog, Chili is not perfect. While she is 9 months old, she is essentially a a big puppy. She hasn’t been exposed to much in her life, and has only been living in a house for about 2 weeks. While her training is coming along she still has some habits and behaviours that need to be worked on. She counter surfs, has the occasional accident in the house and can be a little vocal when she’s scare or excited. These are all things that can easily be worked on however, and we are confident with a little bit of patience and training she will master them in no time.


 Speaking of patience; Chili still isn’t 100% sure about humans. She will come to you for reassurance, affection, food/treats, but this has to be on her own terms. Let this girl see that you’re there for her if she wants it, and you will be rewarded with sweet snuggles and kisses from this gorgeous girl.

 So let's get to Chili's needs: 


 - She needs to be in a house with a young, confident dog. Chili came from a breeding farm and has been exposed to very little in the world. She therefore is very cautious, and a bit nervous as a result. She strongly relies on another dog to show her the ropes and give her confidence that everything will be ok


- She needs a fenced yard with a minimum of a 6ft 

- She needs a minimum of one to two 30 minute walks every day 

- She needs someone who is patient and committed to bringing her out of her shell at her own pace. She is still quite skittish around humans but will open up on her own schedule

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