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Kelly was one or two days from being put to death before we heard about her. She wasn't doing well in the shelter, she was very nervous. Plus she had something wrong with her eyes. Even though we are extremely overwhelmed, we phoned BlackDog Pet Resort and asked if they would foster until we found a foster home. He said, as he always does, of course! So meet Kelly. Kelly is a six year old standard poodle. At first she was very nervous and cowered in her kennel when anyone walked by. Slowly, slowly she calmed. Once in her foster home in Ajax her Inner Poodle began to shine.  

SPIN's Kelly has some issues with her eyes.  She doesn't do well in bright light.  It is apparent that her irises do not open and close properly (so in bright light, too much light gets in!).  Sometimes it seems that she can see fine, and sometimes it seems that she has some trouble seeing.

We took her to see a doggy eye specialist and he did a test of the eyes using a specialized ultrasound system.  She had to stay at the clinic for half the day for this.  (I note that the staff at the clinic were all in love with Kelly - she was obviously a bit frightened, but was quiet and did not howl or complain like others in the clinic that day.  One of the techs actually thanked her for behaving in such a lady-like way!).  Anyway ... It turns out that the problem is not actually with her eyes.  The eyes appear to be functioning normally.  So ... It could be something wrong with the optic nerve or something in the brain.  We are hoping that the eye issue is somewhat simple, caused by swelling of the optic nerve.  To test this out, we are putting Kelly on prednisone for a bit.  If swelling is the issue, the prednisone should help.  If not ... we may have to do more expensive investigations, such as an MRI.

Until then, we are keeping Kelly out of bright light - staying in the shade as much as possible.  We are also getting her used to wearing doggy sunglasses!  She is shown below testing out one of the goggles that SPIN has purchased for her.  Her foster family will be doing some training with her, so she gets used to wearing them.

Please keep your fingers crossed for Kelly - that we can figure out the issue and hopefully fix it for her.

  • Poodle - Standard
  • Female
  • Adult (5-9 Years) (03/01/2018) - Estimated
  • 21 - 30 Kilograms
  • Grey
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