I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Molly has a new furever home.
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Molly, now Nelly, was one of five standard poodle puppies released from a breeding farm outside of Sault Ste Marie in December 2022. SPIN called them the Sault 5. All of these puppies came in with a bundle of fears and anxieties. Some dogs take that little bit more time to recover. Molly was so lucky to have found two great foster homes: first Sheila who taught Molly how to live in a home with so much love, and then Alexa who worked on her fear of being left alone and abandoned. They poured so much love into this wonderful young dog. And then it finally happened. Molly found her home that she happily shares with a number of fur siblings. Check out this update we received:
Just to tell you about Nelly (Molly). She's doing very well. She does all her potty business outside in her personal bathroom under the cherry tree in the backyard. She's eating very well but I had to change her food quickly because she didn’t like her dry food. She loves the cats and she tries to play with them. She also loves her brother and they have fun together in the backyard. She seems to feel good in the house and she loves her backyard. I have to work outside now to let mademoiselle lay down in the grass.
She slowly is developing some interest in me, especially when I give attention to the cats or her brother dog. Tomorrow we try our first walk in the park and we'll see how it goes. I never push her to do something but she is very curious and bright and she surprises me every day. Thank you so much to trust me to make the rest of her life happy and safe.
Congratulations Molly! It's time for you to get out there and embrace your inner poodle. You go girl!

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