I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Rennie has a new furever home.
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In June, 2023, SPIN learned of a poodle mix named Rennie that was living in an empty home. Rennie was gifted by very well meaning people to a gentleman who was over 90 years old. Four years later the gentleman passed away. Rennie was left on his own in the house. A neighbour let him out into the back yard during the day and in the empty house in the evening. The real estate agent, an avid follower of the SPIN group, discovered the situation and asked if we could help. Well. Gosh. Of course. Our hearts went out to Rennie.
One of our adopters, Grant, lived in the same general area and we asked him if he could go and pick up Rennie for us. His other SPIN dog, Java, had just passed away only one week ago. Grant felt the loss so very keenly and he was in mourning. He warned us that he was not looking for a dog right now but he knew that Java would have wanted him to help Rennie as Java came from a very similar situation. Grant hopped in his car and went and got Rennie. That's when we learned that we didn't know Ontario's geography very well and it was actually quite a drive for Grant. lol.
Rennie thought this was GREAT and he made friends with Grant's other SPIN dog (now a senior) and a young poodle mix. Well, okay, there was one dust up, but after that, they got along quite well. Here is one of our favourite posts:
Rennie has the first week in his foster home under his belt! He has had time to decompress, get used to a new daily schedule, living, playing & sleeping with foster brothers and he seems to be LOVING life!! From the moment he walked through the front door he has been besties with Trapper, the younger of his two foster bros. They are never more than a step away from each other & play together like two puppies! Yesterday, Rennie was allowed to run around the pond and he loved running back and forth, back and forth over the bridge ... he thought it was so much fun! So far the best way to describe him is a really nice guy! He had his Wellness check today at the vet and took it like a champ - no nerves, no trembling, very laid back & was good for his examination. His neuter has been booked and the vet suggested an ectropion repair for both eyes.
Yes you read that right. Ectropian repair for both eyes. We got 'er done! No SPIN dog is going to live with irritated eyes. Can you imagine the discomfort? Thankfully poodle people are extremely generous.
Somewhere along the line Grant fell in love with Rennie. Rennie honestly helped to heal Grant's heart. Honestly. SPIN knows the best people and the best dogs.
Be good, Rennie!

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