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Any Game of Thrones fans out there? Good name for this dog. Anyhoo. When Rhaegar's person passed away suddenly, the family asked the Windsor Essex Humane Society for help. They said absolutely, bring him in. They updated his vaccines, heartworm test, dewormer/flea prevention and gave a microchip. After doing all this for Rhaegar, they turned to us and asked if we had a soft place for him to land, and we said, of course.

But that's not all, during the owner's illness, Rhaegar's grooming had fell to the wayside and his coat was in desperate shape. So that Rhaegar could go into his foster home and start decompressing right away, the Humane Society gave him a bath and a groom. Aren't they fantastic?

Rhaegar is a five years old. His foster describes him as a large Poodle with a heart of gold. Awwww. Welcome Rhaegar. We got you buddy.
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  • Poodle - Standard
  • Male
  • Adult (5-9 Years) (05/10/2018) - Actual
  • 21 - 30 Kilograms
  • Ontario
  • Cream
  • Affectionate
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