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Rusty, our delightful poodle, waltzed into our lives straight from a puppy mill, eager for a fresh start. This sweet canine connoisseur revels in the joy of human scratches, engages in epic doggy play, and enjoys a luxurious soft bed. Unbeknownst to Rusty, feline friendships await as he embarks on thrilling cat-sniffing adventures. Yet, in the grand spectacle of life, Rusty can't help but be a tad nervous amidst new faces and uncharted territories.

Together, we navigate this whimsical journey of love, play, and the occasional sniff-filled encounter with our feline friends! If you are interested in learning more about Rusty please contact us to start the conversation.

  • Poodle - Standard
  • Male
  • Adult (5-9 Years) (09/26/2015) - Estimated
  • 31 - 40 Kilograms
  • Ontario
  • Apricot
  • Not Tested With Kids
  • I'm Not Trained Yet
Special Needs (Emotional)
Fenced Yard Required,  Socially Imperfect,  Cautious but Willing,  Timid and Needs Time
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