I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Shadow has a new furever home.
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At two years old, Shadow was surrendered into SPIN in August, 2023. An owner surrender, he had been loved all of his life. A foster home, the same one who adopted SPIN’s Patch Adams, who came from that horrible gigantic doodle breeder, put up her had to foster Shadow. So Shadow now had Patch and a lovely standard poodle foster sister to play and goof around with. Or at least that was the plan…

We have to admit that Shadow and Patch had a rocky start. Patch wasn’t really used to playing with dogs and the two anxious males took a bit of time to get used to one another. After a little over a month later, Shadow stopped having squabbles with his big brother Patch. As a family, we are more aware of potential close or tense encounters and we move and separate to avoid any problems.

Foster Mom began working with Shadow on some training exercises such as orientation games, disengagement, distraction and walking on leash. Shadow loved his walks, his nose works 100 miles per hour. They worked on calming exercises.

Shadow waited quite awhile for his adopters to show up. And then one day, one day there they were! They came over multiple times to walk and play with him to make his transition that much easier. They took their time and that was exactly what Shadow needed.

And in case you missed it, here is Shadow’s first post after his adoption a few days ago.

Hello, my name is Shadow and I would like to thank SPIN for finding me some amazing new humans!

I really love my foster family, but I fell in love with my new family instantly and I always impress them with my best behaviour and excellent manners. I weigh 41kg (90pounds) and finally learned to go for a relaxing walk on a loose leash, I am working on perfecting my fetch and I can't wait for the humans to take me on hikes! They give me the tastiest snacks here and I love snacking on my new clover lawn! For some reason won't let me near the kale though...

I also discovered that the leash get's tangled up around my legs when it is too loose and the humans will rescue me and give me extra attention. When I get playful during walks I do circles around my human, making them dance with me!

I will keep you all updated on the adventures that are yet to come!



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