I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Skipper has a new furever home.
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Ahh Skipper: The Standard Poodle with a Heart of Gold!
Rescued from a puppy mill in January, Skipper first landed at BlackDog Pet Resort in Bowmanville where he learned that human beings were actually pretty great.
We were all shocked and saddened at the extremely poor condition Skipper was in when he arrived at BlackDog. Not only was his coat a mess of tangles and matts, but his vet visit confirmed that he had double ear infections, both eyes were infected, he was peeing blood due to infection and had sporadic diarrhea. His gums were pussy and inflamed. Not surprisingly with everything going on, Skipper’s was running a fever at 40.1C. Antibiotics were started immediately. Slowly he became more comfortable, and his energy level rose. Through all of this Skipper remained cheerful and stoic.
In February, Skipper graduated to one of our most experienced foster homes with Lesia. When we asked Lesia for three words to describe Skipper, she listed Sweet, Playful, and Cuddly. Skipper's infectious enthusiasm brought endless smiles, despite his challenging past. Skipper radiated happiness and affection, always eager for a cuddle session or a playful romp in the yard. In May, this is what Lesia wrote:
My heart is filled with so much love for SPIN’s Skipper especially when I see him sleeping peacefully with his head on a pillow. His life was so different three short months ago. When he first came into rescue, Reggie was shut down, trembling, scared to death of people, reeking from years of neglect. Now Skipper is living a normal dog’s life in his foster home, lots of new toys to play with, lots of walks, lots of food and a comfortable place to rest. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everybody that is considering adopting a puppy mill dog. You will be rewarded 1000 times over as these dogs blossom in their forever homes.
And now Skipper is graduating to the next level. He has found his home and people who will love him to bits. Here is Lesia’s heartfelt goodbye note:
Always such a bittersweet moment when you have to say goodbye to your foster dog. Skipper is leaving for his forever home tomorrow and I know his new family can give him a way better forever home than I can, all the attention will be on him with lots of walks, hikes, and playtime. But I also know that Skipper thinks he is already in his forever home. He doesn’t know that life will even get better for him than it already is and it’s that transition where he doesn’t know what’s going on that gets me every time. Over the last three months I’ve seen Skipper transition from your typical mill dog to a dog that is social, bouncy, playful - everything that standard poodles are known for. I know he’ll regress a bit in his new home but I also know he will learn to trust his new people as much as he trusts me. Happy life sweet boy. Love you to the moon.
We all love you to the moon, Skipper. Happy life sweet boy. Happy, happy life.


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