I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Squirrel has a new furever home.
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Squirrel, and his sister Shirl, came into SPIN in March, 2023. They were from a doodle breeding farm and had never known the inside of a house before their release. Squirrel was still quite young, though, and we had high hopes that he would recover quickly. We placed him with an excellent foster family on a farm (something he was used to) and lots of fields to play in. Ahhh, but it wasn’t to be. While Squirrel was bouncy and happy while he was outside with another dog, he was quite subdued and shut down inside the home. He never really got used to living indoors and so we decided to move him into BlackDog Pet Resort where there were lots of other dogs to play with and learn from.
It took Squirrel awhile to adjust to this change. In the beginning he was quite fearful of John and the volunteers. But, you know, SPIN has to be one of the luckiest rescues on the planet. There are some great people that go quite often to BlackDog and simply hang out with the dogs, speaking softly if need be, playing with others, taking some for walks and adventures and simply loving them. Where have all of these people come from?!
Well Squirrel caught the eye of one of these great volunteers and she fell absolutely in love with this very special dog. Daphne began to work with Squirrel, visiting him regularly, taking him for walks and adventures.
In August, Daphne posted this:
Squirrel had a big adventure today! He was stressed for the solo drive from John Blackdog Resort but eventually settled. What a difference when I picked up my guys! Although he has developed some trust in me, he is definitely comforted and cued by other dogs which allows him to step outside of his head. I had happy tears when third time getting in the car he just followed Bo right in. There's a courageous heart inside this shut down boy.
Yes a courageous heart indeed. Squirrel is now named Earl and Daphne reports he is growing in confidence daily. His safe space is the couch but now he is completely comfortable with Daphne sharing the couch with him, stroking him until he falls into a deep dream state, sprawled on his side. Come on. How great is that?!!!

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