I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Sushi has a new furever home.
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Sushi came into SPIN as a "wild child." To say he had misdirected energy was an understatement. Fifteen month old Sushi was placed with a first-time foster in Montreal. Kristina had good knowledge of canine behaviour and knew to keep Sushi separated from her older Portuguese water dog. She put Sushi on a loving, but strict routine and as he calmed, as he found his inner poodle, she opened up his world. Bit by bit. Ever so slowly.

And this is important. Even though Kristina knew a lot about canine behaviour and training, she also knew she didn’t know everything. She asked for support from a specialist trainer and because you are all great at donating, we were able to provide that to her.

Sushi thrived. He learned that if he could direct his energy into appropriate channels, he could play on the agility equipment, participate in scenting class, compete in lure coursing. For a dog with drive, these sports are as close to heaven as you can get on earth.

So it just happened that a young couple with a penchant for poodles lived in the same neighbourhood and like good poodle people, when they see a poodle they strike up a conversation. Lol. When they learned that he was a foster, they offered to help walk him. Take care of him if Kristina needed dog sitting. And when he came up for adoption, well guess who was first in line.

It was like he knew. On the first dog sitting adventure, Kristina left her back door unlocked in case they needed to, you know, take a break. They looked at Kristina quizzically when she told them and pointed to the sweetest, most well-behaved little poodle you have ever seen and aske, “why would we need to take a break from Sushi?” The overnight test was hilarious because you really couldn’t ask for a better, more polite dog and Kristina just raised her eyebrows. Welcome to the world of poodles, Kristina! They are so much fun.

We are certain that Sushi will give his adoptive family so much love and laughter. You are off. It’s been an honour to help you on your journey.

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