Your Donation Can Save a Life Today!

Any amount can and will make a difference. 

Tax Receipt Canada Helps 

Standard Poodles In Need receives a charity number under the umbrella program of Helping Homeless Pets. What does this mean? Helping Homeless Pets manages our charity status and gives SPIN 100% of the monies you donate to cover veterinary expenses. Tax receipts are issued for donations over $20.00.

Other Ways To Donate

Direct Cash Gifts

If you don't need a tax receipt, you may make a donation to  SPIN through Paypal or through e-transfer to As well, cheques may be mailed to:

Standard Rescue Poodles In Need, Rescue & Rehome
PO Box 80042
3100 Garden Street
Whitby, Ontario L1R0H1

Gift Cards

Another way to help dogs in SPIN's foster programme is to provide SPIN with gift cards. We like this idea as it supports the local-area businesses that support SPIN. We honestly could not do as much as we do without stores like Global Pet Foods, PetValu, Rens and the innumerable independent pet stores.

Amazon Wish Lists

Sometimes our fosters will need specialty items that we don't have in the rescue. Because SPIN is located in a number of cities across Canada, we need a number of WishLists! Please stay tuned as we work with Amazon to solve this issue.

Matching Employer Programs

Many employers have Matching Gift programs which would double your donation

Celebrate an Occasion

What a great way to celebrate a special occasion! Make a donation in their honour and support a great cause. Smiles all around.

Donations in Memoriam

A donor may wish to make a gift in memoriam of a family member, valued friend, or pet.


You may list SPIN as a beneficiary in your will.

Direct Donation Platforms

gift cards always welcome Shop local !



SPIN is a nationwide community of supporters and volunteers passionate about making a difference to the lives of standard poodles in need and keeping them out of harm's way.

Thank you so much for being part of it!

Every dollar you donate to SPIN helps ensure we can provide the necessary care for any dog in need of re-homing and a second chance at loving. We are a non-profit volunteer organisation so all monetary go towards the cost of caring for the dogs in foster homes nationwide. From the basics like vaccinations and medications, to specialty surgery for those like Smokey, who came to us with severe trauma to his leg .

This is what your generous donation can do for the dogs:
  • $50-75 - Checkup appointment
  • $20-50 - Vaccination per shot
  • $50-75 - Microchip
  • $40 per dose - Deworming, which needs to be done 2 to 3 times, is $80-120
  • $200-250 - Pre-surgery bloodwork
  • $400-600 - Neuter
  • $600-900 - Spay
  • $35-50 - Pain meds after neuter or spay
  • $1200-1800 - Dental
  • $200 - Dental xray
  • $200-300 - Single day hospitalization  (just the fee, no care costs)

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